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Principles of 5S

Originating in Japan by Masaaki Imai, 5S is a disciplined & systematic methodology for creating a clean, safe, orderly, high performance work environment. It is one of the foundations of a Lean System and supports the principles of waste reduction. This workshop provides participants with a methodology for creating a clean, safe, orderly, high performance work environment.

Held in a workshop format, this 4-day hands-on course is designed to teach participants how to effectively implement the 5S methodology within their work areas.  The course combines classroom theory and examples with practical experience applying the 5S methodology to their real-life work areas in the offices, labs, manufacturing areas, warehouses and showrooms.

The course begins with a day of theory in the classroom, followed by two days of practical experience applying the theory. This is then followed-up by another day in the classroom to cement the learning, and to discuss how to best deploy the 5S approach across the entire organization.
The 4 days of this workshop can be broken up into two sections. Participants can take the first day of classroom instruction and then spend a few days implementing in their work areas, during which time they receive coaching from our senior consultants. They then return for the final day of training and complete the entire course content.
The focus of this workshop is to enable participants to implement 5S projects and achieve measurable improvements in their work areas.  It also ensures that ownership of the 5S process is instilled in each employee – leading to strong commitment for its enduring success. SatiStar’s experts can support this training with on-site consultants to ensure that the use of the tools is applied effectively.
Participants will learn through lecture, class discussions, class exercises, case studies and examples and on-site practical application of the 5S methodologies in a real-life project.
What You Will Learn:
  • Overview of 5S
    • History
    • Values and Principles
    • Benefits
  • Implementation Methodology
    • Plan
    • Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain
    • SatiStar’s 8 Step Implementation Approach
    • The Kaizen-Blitz approach
  • 5S Program Management:
    • Critical success factors
    • Designing an effective 5S audit checklist
    • Monitoring progress & Key Performance Indicators
    • Radar Charts
    • Recognition
Training Outcomes:
Participants will learn how to apply a disciplined and systematic method to sustainably improve their work environment. 



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